For a complete list of papers, please visit my google scholar page. More recent papers may be posted on arXiv. Code for recent projects can be found on github and old code is here. The papers below are representative of my recent work:

Zhang Y, Naughton BP, Bondell HD, Reich BJ (2020). Bayesian regression using a prior on the model fit: The R2-D2 shrinkage prior. Journal of the American Statistical Association.


Guan Y, Johnson M, Katzfuss M, Mannshardt E, Messier KP, Reich BJ, Song JJ (2020). Fine-scale spatiotemporal air pollution analysis using mobile monitors on Google Street View vehicles. Journal of the American Statistical Association.
Grantham NS, Reich BJ, Borer ET, Gross K (2020). MIMIX: a Bayesian mixed-effects model for microbiome data from designed experiments. Journal of the American Statistical Association.
Reich BJ, Haran H (2018). Precision maps for public health. Nature.
Laber EB, Meyer NJ, Reich BJ, Pacifici K, Collazo JA, Drake J (2018). Optimal treatment allocations in space and time for online control of an emerging infectious disease (with discussion). Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C.
Reich BJ, Shaby BA (2012). A hierarchical max-stable spatial model for extreme precipitation. Annals of Applied Statistics.









Recent presentations: